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48 video hướng dẫn sử dụng photoshop (phần 2)

Tiếp theo và hết. Các bạn click vào ảnh để xem video hướng dẫn

Fire Text Effect – Photoshop tutorial

3D Gold Typography – Photoshop Tutorial

Convert black and white photo to color using Photoshop CS5

10 Min Photoshop Facelift: How To Remove 30 years with CS4

Beauty Industry Secret – The next revolution in beauty by Adobe Photoshop. Inspiring Video

Photoshop Liquify Filter Virtual weightloss

Miracle Skins – Professional Retouching tutorial in Photoshop

Photoshop – Five ways to tone an image to perfection

Professional Beauty Retouch – Detail Enhancement Video Tutorial

Lose Weight with Paint Shop Pro XI – Tutorial

Photoshop – Make Up & Lashes

Skin Retouching Photoshop Tutorial

Skin Crack and peel Photoshop tutorial

How to Quickly Select Images – Cut Out Detailed Images in Photoshop CS5

Funniest Commercial Ever! Adobe Photoshop Makeup Parody

High End Skin Retouching Tutorial

Professional Photo Retouching – Pure Beauty – By MTC

Skin Smoothing with Photoshop CS5

HIGH END RETOUCHING – light airbrushing

Professional Photoshop Extreme Makeover – The Fire Witch – By MTC

Remodelling a Figure in Photoshop

Smooth Skin Professional Retouch with Airbrush – Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop CS5 Retouching Tutorial. Part 4 high pass skin softening

Dohoavn hi vọng với 48 video hướng dẫn này, các bạn sẽ nâng cao kỹ năng photoshop và áp dụng trong công việc được nhiều hơn

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