Quixel SUITE 2.2.2 x64 Plugin dành cho Photoshop

Quixel SUITE 2.2.2 x64 . Đây là một loại siêu plugin của Photoshop, được thiết kế để hiệu chỉnh các mô hinhg 3D ví dụ như game … nó giúp người xử lý các file 3D được rất nhiều tiện ích


Thông tin chi tiết

Scan based PBR texturing. In Photoshop.
Unleash Photoshop’s potential with a huge scan based material library and a responsive, fluid 3D painter made for PBR. Enjoy a highly customizable, user-friendly, and fully Photoshop integrated texturing suite — like you’ve always wanted it to work.

DDO: Huge Material Library.
Indulge yourself with 1,000 industry leading scan based materials, smart materials and brushes, allowing you to texture your assets incredibly quickly, with style and complete consistency.

3DO: Amazing 3D Painting.
Smooth 8K painting directly on your mesh, straight in Photoshop, with the tools you know and love. Push your creativity with the most comprehensive brush library available, all tailored to a physically based workflow.

NDO: The Ultimate Normals Toolkit.
Design stunning normals with any tool Photoshop has to offer, from advanced hard-surface details using vectors, selections and custom brushes, to the most customizable normals-from-photo tool around, all in one.

Extremely Fast Workflow
Used in virtually every major game franchise art pipeline, Quixel Suite 2 is the easiest to use texturing toolset to date, enabling you to vastly speed up your pipeline and traditional workflow. If you know Photoshop, you know Quixel Suite 2.

System requirements: Windows 7 and later (only 64-bit)
Home Page – http://quixel.se/

Video demo


Dung lượng 2.07 GB , chia làm 4 phần . Bạn download đủ 4 phần về , sau đó dùng hjsplit để nối file và giải nén là được


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Phần 1: http://tailieu.dohoafx.com/o1g5k0y1r0m7l7j4b8r1

Phần 2: http://tailieu.dohoafx.com/b1t5d0d1m0g7w7i5a2s5

Phần 3: http://tailieu.dohoafx.com/t1w5x0c1u0w7k7g5j4e9

Phần 4: http://tailieu.dohoafx.com/u1r5r0y1t0l7g7p5a7j3




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