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GenArts Sapphire 7.04 – plugins tạo kỹ xảo phim ảnh

GenArts Sapphire cho After Effects là bộ plugins tạo kỹ xảo , nó có thể dùng được cả cho Adobe Premiere Pro và Autodesk Combustion. Sapphire Plug-in có tới 250 kỹ xảo hiệu ứng về : ánh sáng, EdgeRays,Lightning, FilmEffect, Warps và Textures, vv .. Những hiệu ứng của nó đảm bảo sẽ làm bạn hài lòng..

GenArts Sapphire 7.04 - plugins tạo kỹ xảo phim ảnh

GenArts Sapphire 7.04 – plugins tạo kỹ xảo phim ảnh

Bạn có biêt là Plugins này được sử dụng để làm nên những kỹ xảo trong những bộ phim kinh điển như:  Cướp biển vùng Caribbean 1, 2, và 3 , Spider-Man 1 , 2 và 3 , Superman Returns , The Chronicles of Narnia ,  The Lion , The Witch và The Wardrobe , Chúa tể của những chiếc nhẫn , Star Wars – Episode I , II, III , Sin City, The Matrix trilogy , X-Men 1 , 2 và 3 , Titanic , Lost và CSI , vv…  nào mời bạn xem demo vieo giới thiệu về plugin  này


Thông tin phần mềm

– Endless creative possibilities
– The quantity of visual effects allows for countless effect-blending options
– Ease and speed of use is a cost-effective time-saver
– More time available for creativity and high-quality end results
– Blazing fast performance maximizes productivity
– Remarkably organic and natural-looking photoreal results
– Quickly and easily iterate on effect looks
– Visual control of look creation
– Quick reference for all effect parameters
– Convenience of multiple platform options
– Highly reliable engine

– Over 250 visual effects
– Resolution-independent
– GPU-accelerated for Nvidia CUDA cards
– Multiprocessor support
– 32-bit float support
– Intuitive user interface
– On-screen UI widgets for many video effects
– Offline HTML and PDF documentation included
– Create unique natural and organic lighting using rays, lens flare, zap, glare, glint, and glow effects
– Create backgrounds and organic displacement maps using a large selection of texture generators
– Choose from a wide variety of fast-processing color channel, directional, and defocus blurs
– Stylize and color-correct your footage with a selection of effects  including FilmEffect, HalfTone, Vignette, BleachBypass, and Cartoon
– Free unlimited render licenses
– Same license works on Adobe Premiere Pro, and also Apple Final Cut Pro (if used on the same machine)

New in Sapphire Plug-ins v7 for After Effects:
* Beauty – A new effect that leverages the new EdgeAware technology to  beautify talking heads by softening and color correcting skin tones.
* EdgeAwareBlur – Powered by our new EdgeAware technology, this effect allows you to blur while preserving detail.
* Advanced Sharpen – The Sharpen tool has been updated with the ability  to sharpen features of different amounts and sizes for increased  flexibility and control.
* LensFlare – Now enhanced with faster rendering, animation options,  atmospheric noise, and presets to duplicate popular real-world lenses.
* Zap – Updated to include 3D rotation and the option to follow a path, giving you the option to control the shape it takes.
* Motionblur – Has been added to many effects, giving them a more realistic look.
* New Transitions – FilmRoll and CardFlip are two new dynamic  transitions with multiple controls to diversify the output. FlutterCut  has been enhanced with more options including new controls and color  options.
* Faster – Added GPU support for more plug-ins and an optimized GPU code to provide up to a 20% speed increase per effect
* More presets – Over 2,500 presets
* Preset sharing – Now you can share presets across host platforms (for Autodesk conversion, please contact us directly)

Changes in GenArts Sapphire AE v7.04:
– Fixed a hang when Sapphire is used with Miranda’s VAF output plugin.
– RackDfComp: fixed a bug that could cause incorrect results with a non-premultiplied Middle input.
– LensFlare: fixed a bug where Show Center Zone didn’t match the shape of the trigger zone.
– Effects which pass through the alpha channel now render faster on the GPU.
– Added support for drag-and-drop transitions in Premiere Pro CC 7.1.
– Fixed a problem where widgets were sometimes drawn in the wrong location on AE Creative Cloud or Premiere Pro.
– LensFlare: fixed a bug where Occlusion Layers parameters were hidden in 3D mode.

DOWNLOAD GenArts Sapphire 7.04GenArts Sapphire 7.04 – pl

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